Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Night Haiku

Welcome to the December issue of brass bell: a haiku journal. This month's theme is night.

Contributors come from Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Denmark, England, France, Ghana, India, Ireland, Japan, Nigeria, Poland, Romania, Scotland, Switzerland, Tunisia, Ukraine, and the United States

moonlight absorbing fireflies
- Adjei Agyei-Baah

bunk beds —
the moon shifts silently
to the upper lake
- Ajaya Mahala

night walking
the shrieking baby
a fly in his ear
- Alan Bern

in the outdoor sculpture garden carved hands posed to cradle night 
- Alan Catlin

sleeping rough
I make more room
for the Milky Way
- Alan Summers

each page of
Tender is the Night
a sleepless night
- Ali Znaidi

unable to sleep
I amble through the garden —
night blooming cestrum
- Amauri Solon

night time —
even the clock
stops ticking
- Ana Drobot

long night
reading another book
about insomnia
- Anna Goluba

remote home —
more and more gloomy
the new moon
- Anna Mazurkiewicz

sailing with my paper boats a moonbow
- Archana Kapoor Nagpal

rolling blackout
these stars!
- ayaz daryl nielsen

new year's eve
turning the corner
I see where I've been
- Barbara Tate

sleepless night . . .
the silence
between my breaths
- Bill Waters

lifts her long black skirt
steps into dawn
- C. Robin Janning

so much 
to say
full moon
- Caroline Skanne

moon shadow puppets
her round womb like a balloon
under the sheets
- Catherine Rigutto

midnight bus shelter
the lullaby
of spring rain
- Chen-ou Liu

night fog
I lose my bearings
standing still
- Dave Read

alone with his dog
and his thoughts
- David J. Kelly

moonlit lake
I brush the silver
from your hair
- Debbie Strange

night blooming jasmine
uncomfortable memories
of us
- Deborah P Kolodji

the silence that divides us
sleepless night
- Devin Harrison

night train
letting a tse-tse fly go
through the window
- Emmanuel Jessie Kalusian

2 a.m.
I grip the murder mystery
a little tighter
- Ferris Gilli

moonless night only the echo shows the way
- Gergana Yaninska

wind chimes in the night
a Bedouin caravan
entering my dream
- Jack Goldman

wheeze of night ice
on the windshield 
broken defroster
- Jan Benson

still hissing into the night raging bushfire
- Jayashree Maniyil

the pastels 
of a desert evening . . .
a warbler's song
- Jo Balistreri

that last night
he looked back
I waved
- Joan Corr

what discus player
threw a tangerine moon on
top of Main Street?
- Joan McNerney

plows through a village
- Joann Grisetti

sorting buttons
for Grandma
starry night . . .
- Joanna M. Weston

first night alone
rocking back and forth
the clock ticks
- Karen O'Leary

night breeze
the faint scent 
of an unseen lilac
- Kat Lehmann

five languages
at 90 she talks in her sleep
to each child
- Kath Abela Wilson

one night, many stars
one woman, many stories
see how matched we are
- Katya Sabaroff Taylor

night of an eclipse . . .
the scribbling in my diary
means nothing
- kris moon

old barn
through the hole in the roof
the Big Dipper
- Krzysztof Kokot

crescent moon
rocking a boat
in mid-sea
- Kumarendra Mallick

rural highway
our eyes
watching for eyes
- Lance Robertson

blue night another last time to cry
- Lovette Carter

coffee stains 
from that night
you didn't die
- Margaret Jones

so lonely —
even the moon
is not with me
- Maria Tirenescu

white pines
the night humming
of giraffes
- Marianne Paul

quarter moon the milk boils over
- Mark E. Brager

hazy moon
a snowflake thaws
between our lips
- Marta Chocilowska

deep into the night
little owl and I 
contemplate the universe
- Marty Blue Waters

between two
decrepit buildings —
poplar in late evening light
- Nicholas Klacsanzky

black sky —
caught in the electric wires
a captive star
- Nicole Pottier

under a full moon
a couple strides over dry leaves
in search of the dark
- Nina Kovačić

owl song
a moonbeam glides
through the pine trees
- Olivier Schopfer

missing you . . .
this moon abandons
the night
- Pat Geyer

restless night
I count
haiku syllables
- philip d noble

dripping city after dusk —
the interplay
of mist and light
- Phoebe Lakin

on the brick wall
moonlight hangs
lace curtains
- Phyllis Lee

potholes —
a frog jumps into
the scary night
- Pravat Kumar Padhy

unfolding darkness
the chill of the pillow
next to mine
- Rachel Sutcliffe

the moon 
setting early
sleepy seeds
- Robin White

her pearl necklace twinkles
from afar
- Rosa Clement

no end
to this empty road
but the moon waits there
- Sandi Pray

counting sheep backwards on loop
- Shloka Shankar

see what the moon makes
of wanderers
- Simon Hanson

midsummer night —
you pick pine needles
out of my hair
- Sondra J. Byrnes

some nights it is just
easier to sleep with my
mute hypocrisy
- Stacey Crawford-Murphy

walking at sunset
a lightning bug lands
upon my T-shirt
- Stephen Page

evening star
snowflakes cling
to the screen door
- Theresa A. Cancro

a plank swing sways
in night wind on rusty hooks
- Tricia Knoll

raindrops through golden leaves a moon lake
- Vibeke Laier

stars closer to the graves silent cicadas
- Virginia Popescu

starlit night . . .
our monosyllables
- Yesha Shah

why do you follow me tonight?
I am lost
- Zee Zahava