Sunday, November 1, 2015

Morning Haiku

Welcome to the November issue of brass bell: a haiku journal. This month's theme is morning

Contributors come from Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Ghana, India, Ireland, New Zealand, Nigeria, Oman, Poland, Romania, Scotland, Tunisia, and The United States

an early bird
at the tail of a late worm
first light
- Adjei Agyei-Baah

huge bright morning moon
after last night's lunar eclipse —
let us speak again
- Alan Bern

a tourist thing, pants rolled, walking barefoot in the morning sea
- Alan Catlin

book of birdsong
the compartments
in my body
- Alan Summers

morning . . .
the same pain
repeats itself
- Ali Znaidi

morning . . .
the basil plant
already worshiped
- Ajaya Mahala

reflections in the placid lake —
behind my narcissistic self
the sun rises
- Amauri Solon

morning —
one dry leaf
gets off the bus
- Ana Drobot

November morning —
the cemetery gate
- Anna Goluba

plum season
all of a sudden
shorter mornings
- Anne Burgevin

traffic jam
I turn up the volume
of morning report
- Anne Curran

my green antennae
waving good morning in the air
and your green antennae, too!
- ayaz daryl nielsen

chilly dawn my loneliness turns to chickadees
- Barbara Kaufmann

morning sun
remembering what should be
- Barbara Tate

walking to school
cowbird egg
now a child's gift
- Ben Mitchell

leaves and rain
fall together
this dim autumn morning
- Bill Waters

drinking morning dew from
a fallen pear
- Bozena Zernec

carried in a blackbird's beak the rising sun
- Caroline Skanne

wild dance
the day begins
with porridge
- Chandler Hennessy Scott-Smith

morning yoga —
in my cupped hands
the floating sun
- Charishma Navneet Gupta

breezy morning
the scent of steamed buns
ends meditation
- Chen-ou Liu

first light
a fuzzy head pops out
of a nest
- Christine L. Villa

first snow
a young dog entertains
the morning
- D. V. Rozic

a gust 
through the windsock
morning chill
- Dave Read

pre-dawn power cut
the unfailing fanfare
of sunrise
- David J. Kelly

sunrise sunflower heads dangling a charm of finches
- Debbie Strange

the distance from bed
on Sunday morning
- Devin Harrison

frosty morning
i write my wish on
the window
- Emmanuel Jessie Kalusian

the morning's promise:
every day is new
every day is the same
- Frank Robinson

the taste of the morning blackberry smile in the yard
- Gergana Yaninska

I wash my morning bowl over last night's dishes
- Glenn Ingersoll

on a streetlamp
morning light
- Helen Buckingham

when i was a boy
the hens in our backyard
quizzed me before school
- Jack Goldman

Terlingua dawn
a muster of tumbleweeds
laces the horizon
- Jan Benson

I share my prayer
with a late cricket
- Janina Kowal

at dawn . . .
white with wings
- Jo Balistreri

sunrise duet
a sparrow's song
the whistling kettle
- Joan Corr

listening to a soft symphony of morning raindrops
- Joan McNerney

tension in the air
will it rain or snow
this autumn morning
- Joann Grisetti

his cap and stick
in the cupboard  . . .
her morning walk­­
- Joanna M. Weston

central farm time
milking the cows before
the cock crows
- Karen O'Leary

one lifelong rival —
my shadow — appears at sunrise
frost lingers
- Karla Linn Merrifield

my alarm wild parrots
- Katha Abela Wilson

how many flowers
can i count as i wander
in morning garden
- Katya Sabaroff Taylor

veil of darkness
the sun rises
in every lotus
- Kumarendra Mallick

ceiling watching before the alarm
- Lance Robertson

refugees across the village
rooster on the fence
wakes us all
- Lavana Kray

pumpkin pie for breakfast November morning
- Linda Keeler

of a night of weeping —
morning dew
- Lolly Williams

morning delay
the train blows
a trail of dew
- Lovette Carter

loud knocking wakes me —
woodpecker learning he can't
eat vinyl siding
- Margaret Fisher Squires

knocking at
the ant hill
- Marinko Kovačević

morning light
hand in hand
we test the pond ice
- Mark E. Brager

morning lake
a bather turns her back
to the swan
- Marta Chocilowska

the moon's face
fading into cloud
morning wind
- Maureen Sudlow
at first light the blue bird flies away taking my dream
- Nicole Pottier

misty morning
one lantern 
still on
- Nina Kovačić

morning storm —
the garden Buddha
becomes a snowman
- Pamela A. Babusci

first light . . .
the delicate pink
of a periwinkle
- Paresh Tiwari

damp pillow . . .
dogged by these
morning blues
- Pat Geyer

marshmallow kisses
and sun in the little cup—
breakfast for two
- Petruta Ionescu

out of business
the merry-go-round
takes in sunrise
- Phyllis Lee

early morning
sun under the pigeon's wings
comes and goes and comes
- philip d noble

first catch
the rising sun
in the old man's net
- Rachel Sutcliffe

day moon beyond the fog my childhood forest
-Ramona Linke

twisting glory
morning glory 
- Robert Henry Poulin

almost morning
the hummingbird returns
to its fake flower
- Rosa Clement

I, too,
woke up late —
wild violets
- Sanjuktaa Asopa

breakfast at dawn apricot sky
- Simon Hanson

morning tea
she runs her finger
around the pacific rim
- Sondra J. Byrnes

sleepy toddler
on his mother's shoulder
catching morning train
- Stefica Vanjek

opening the shades
to let the morning light in —
two sparrows staring
- Stephen Page

summer morning —
a rooster struts past
the weathervane's shadow
- Theresa A. Cancro

not a hint of cloud
in the morning sky . . .
silent sunrise
- Tim Gardiner

spider morning mandala sparkles on my clothesline
- Tina Wright

morning by the sea —
washing my shaving brush
in the waves
- Tomislav Maretić

simple truth 
of a rainy dawn
missing her
- Tricia Knoll

morning splash
a single duckling
longing for company
- Vibeke Laier

morning miracle
touch a flower
another one flourishes
- Victoria Fatu Nalatiu

trembling dawnlight —
a spider moves its web
nearer to the fireplace
- Virginia Posescu

why create new rituals?
each morning
we open our eyes
- Zee Zahava

in search of mushrooms —
in the morning fog
cyclamens only
- Zlata Bogovic