Thursday, October 1, 2015

Happiness Haiku

Welcome to the October issue of brass bell: a haiku journal. This month it is all about things that make us happy.

Contributors come from Australia, Brazil, Canada, Croatia, Denmark, England, France, Ghana, India, Nigeria, Poland, Romania, Switzerland, and the United States

folding and unfolding
the unheard clap 
of the butterfly
- Adjei Agyei-Baah

eager to reach the shore my boat, the ripples, and I
- Ajaya Mahala

sidewalk crack
we hopscotch
and salute the flower
- Alan Summers

an old friend
is greeted with
joyous barks
- Almila Dukel

hand in hand with my dad
Oh! Susanna —
whistling together
- Amauri Solon

one glimpse of the poppy field happiness
- Ana Drobot

traffic light —
music from the other car 
gets my feet tapping
- Angelee Deodhar

summer sky
laughter from both ends
of the see-saw
- Anitha Varma

when I look at him
it starts to melt . . .
my ice cream
- Anna Goluba

ninth month . . .
in the child's crib
the full moon
- Anna Mazurkiewicz

on the sunny side a blanket of forget-me-nots
- Anne Elise Burgevin

the falling kites . . .
children giggle
- Archana Kapoor Nagpal

within this 
raucous human swarm
her soft whisper
- ayaz daryl nielsen

blackberry thicket —
mother hums
dance of the bumblebee
- Barbara Hay

the song of a nightingale
in the garden
- Barbara Tate

watching you walk up the driveway my heart as wide   
as the sky
- C. Robin Janning

a poetry party
falling leaves
- Carole Johnston

thunder storm
we hide under blankets
sipping sweet tea
- Caroline Skanne

the sway
of her shining pigtail . . .
first day of school
- Chen-ou Liu

spaghetti dinner
I watch her twirl
her hair
- Dave Read

love notes
the heart-shaped tracks
of wapiti
- Debbie Strange

big catch!
the fisherman's son kicks
a stone into the river
- Emmanuel Kalusian

the letters in our new mail box
somehow seem
more important now
- Frank Robinson

mountain road the curve of your smile
- Garima Behal

gibbous moon —
we laugh away
our wrinkles
- Geethanjali Rajan

mother's happiness —
crossing the second border
together with dry socks
- Goran Gatalica

the forecast
- Helen Buckingham

girls playing jump rope on the sidewalk grasshoppers
- Jo Balistreri

try to catch the wind
count the ripples in the sea
be a child again
- Joan McNerney

dancing with lightning
the drumbeat of you
- Joann Grisetti

sand hill
mommy come and see
my castle
- Karen O'Leary

lost melody —
grandma's voice
in cuckoo's song
- Kumarendra Mallick

rackets raised high
children play badminton
across barbed border
- Lavana Kray

blue skies
the innate contentment
of daisies
- Marianne Paul

first kiss —
leaves swirling along
the schoolyard fence
- Mark E. Brager

walking on stilts
as a child
like this great blue heron today
- Marty Blue Waters

sweet lullaby —
seated beside the window
listening to the rain
- Nicole Pottier

downhill skiing    I become wind
- Olivier Schopfer

afternoon moon . . .
looking up i laugh
what time is it?
- Pat Geyer

summer ends
we take the ocean home
in a suitcase
- Phyllis Lee

her tears
when asked
with a ring
- Pravin Menon

spring breeze
the scent of her
- Rachel Sutcliffe

fitting snugly the dog and the afternoon
- Raamesh Gowri Raghavan

building dreams
shovel and pail
- Robert Henry Poulin

arriving guests
a frog on the path brings 
some extra laughs
- Rosa Clement

balmy evening
across the noisy party
our eyes connect
- Ruth Yarrow

putting on my winter coat surprises in the pockets
- Sara Robbins

afternoon drizzle...
i add another line
to my poem 
- Shloka Shankar

overcast —
her smile rearranges 
the skyline
- Shrikaanth Krishnamurthy

when you are that one tree reaching for the sun
- Sierra Claire

over each other's shoulder different stars
- Simon Hanson

midwest sunset
breaking off a piece
to wear
- Sondra J. Byrnes

overnight the live oak tree thousands of butterflies
- Sue Norvell

summer's end —
a hammock cradles
the sunset
- Theresa A. Cancro

winter rain . . .
Caribbean cricket
on my radio
- Tim Gardiner

sitting in the sun
not even trying
to figure anything out
- Tom Clausen

in these mists
this morning a yellow tulip
with fringe
- Tricia Knoll

shooting stars
the weight of 
a summer wish
- Vibeke Laier

wandering butterfly on a flowered dress joyful rest
- Virginia Popescu

mother picks a dandelion 
to wear in her hair
she calls this gardening
- Zee Zahava