Monday, January 12, 2015

brass bell: Caroline Skanne

Welcome to the January, 2015 issue of brass bell, featuring poems by Caroline Skanne.

Starting this month the format of the journal has changed. Instead of publishing anthologies on a single theme I will now invite one, two, or three poets each month to present their work as featured poets. Keep dropping by throughout the year to see what is new. I feel certain you will enjoy what you find here.

And now … presenting …. Caroline Skanne.

that feeling
of not being
i shrink into shadows
dark moon

twilight skies
there is little else
on my mind
than the texture
of your lips

like so many
times before —
i write
a way out

fall into a river
of memory . . .
who i was then
shaped who i became

with you
every sunset holds
dawn captive
there is no other way
to breathe the stars

so far away yet
at my feet
dog violets whisper
of everyday magic

on a rainy day
you delivered the sun
bird of paradise

* * *

winter stillness
two swans carry
the sinking sun

child's pose
i return
to beginnings

spring equinox
all the transitions
i need to make

how gently
raindrops count
my blessings

without you
only night sky
to hold me

before i see you
there is song . . .

another full moon
there was a time 
when you loved me

alone at last
just you and i
long night moon

folded between
pages of dusty old books
childhood dreams

* * *

yellow iris a sunbeam for your smile

wherever you go moon of winds i will follow

cool winter air i wrap up in a blackbird's song

purple-loosestrife amongst the reeds my wildflower heart

in spring trees remember what they used to look like

a kingfisher skims the surface of this moment

* * *

Caroline Skanne is obsessed with anything wild and free. She is the founder of hedgerow: a journal of small poems, and lives with her family, puppy and two cats by the river in Rochester, UK. Find her @