Wednesday, February 1, 2017

haiku written on January 18, 2017

Welcome to the February 2017 issue of brass bell: a haiku journal.

This month's collection features poems that were written on a single date: Wednesday, January 18, 2017.

Contributors are from: Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Croatia, Denmark, Ecuador, England, Ghana, India, Ireland, Japan, Nigeria, Poland, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, the U.K., and the United States

setting up for the day
the roadside beggar
lines his calabash with coins
    - Adjei Agyei-Baah

winter blues
the unlit street lamp
waits for night
    - Agnes Eva Savich

late night haiku . . .
waking up the smartphone
and myself
    - Ajaya Mahala

rain drop
dripped then
drops on
    - Alan Bern

those who stop —
ducks taking colour
from the river
    - Alan Summers

orange dawn wakes me
ebb tide
mine and the river's
    - Amauri Solon Ribeiro

the warmth of his voice
this cold cold house
    - Angelee Deodhar

late night drive
between the good songs
silent starlight
    - Anna Cates

the impossibility
of lilacs
    - Anna Maris

another chance
to know the ordinary
winter meadow
    - Anne Elise Burgevin

kid's garden —
the little snowman
eats the carrot
    - Aparna Pathak

six o'clock news
my husband yells at
the tv
    - Barbara Tate

winter night . . .
the hiss of the fire
the sigh of the cat
    - Bill Waters

winter garden
puddles cuddling up
to flagstones
    - Brad Bennett

the more I read
the more confused I become
can't shut my eyes
    - C. Robin Janning

winter sun
i share my oatcakes
with a robin
    - Caroline Skanne

the calligraphy
of bare maple branches
tangled thoughts of home   
    - Chen-ou Liu

watching over us
my son's stuffed animals
assigned as sentinels
    - Christina Sng

spreading towels
on the rug and sofa
muddy paws
    - Claire Vogel Camargo

street corner
an aspen shaking
in the rain
    - Dan Schwerin

middle of the night
colouring a nightmare
the yelp of foxes
    - David J. Kelly

paper cut
the sting of the words
in her letter
    - Debbi Antebi

CT scan
will i emerge
a butterfly
    - Debbie Strange

rain gutters full . . .
the hummingbird feeder
    - Deborah P Kolodji

heavy cloud cover
the classical station
plays vivaldi
    - Dottie Piet

haiku dry spell . . .
my old water bottle
empties itself
    - Elizabeth Alford

morning echo
a rooster calculates
the reach of its crow
    - Emmanuel Jessie Kalusian

my cork board
three-deep in grandchildren's art
we plan the day
    - Ferris Gilli

reading the paper
checking the obituaries
not me not yet
    - Frank Robinson

the soft voice in the other room, man to cat
    - Glenn Ingersoll

another broken old vase
seeking out
my glasses
    - Goran Gatalica

january heat
opening windows
to a post-truth spring
    - Helen Buckingham

i pretend to be sick . . .
mailbox in the snow
    - Hideo Suzuki

sweeping winter
from the corners
early crocus
    - Jan Benson

sharing cake all the time in the world before the mammogram
    - Jane Williams

business trip
in the light of the half-moon
my husband's slippers
    - Jennifer Hambrick

ah, poetry journal
package FedEx left in rain —
    - Jill Lange

his wheelchair
at the window . . .
sun worship
    - Jo Balistreri

my green thumb too itchy
made me spill dirt
all over the floor
    - Joan McNerney

waves and the tide over and over again
    - Joanna M. Weston

subway rush hour
train carriages packed
with armpits
    - John Hawkhead

beach shoreline
waves washing
my fallen shadow
    - Justice Joseph Prah

cold snap
before sun
    - Kath Abela Wilson

calendar tells me
that I'm really getting old
but not on this day
    - Katya Sabaroff Taylor

warming up by the fire
we plan our visit
to Iceland
    - kjmunro

drifting clouds —
any anchor for my
wavering mind
    - Kumarendra Mallick

my footsteps
landing in your footprint
single snowflake
    - Laughing waters

light from a dim sky
the sun fit through the branches
as if it lived there
    - Laurinda Lind

after his death
his partner weeps alone —
alone at 97
    - Louise Vignaux

after work
detour to the chemist
her offer of coffee and a chinwag
    - Madhuri Pillai

matching scarfs
the child
and her bald barbie
    - Malintha Perera

a healing circle
we shed old stories
    - Mara Alper

food enough and teeth
back home
I forgive my dentist
    - Margaret Jones

feeling guilty
pruning the houseplants
    - Marianne Paul

frosted window —
placing the poinsettia
near the fireplace
    - Marta Chocilowska

daffodil leaves
a sharp bend
in the road
     - Martha Magenta

tripping over the same rug —
hammer and nails
pounding it to the floor
    - Marty Blue Waters

mangosteen rubies
scatter on the kitchen floor
like winter rainbows
    - Mimi Foyle

no fear . . .
blue jays nab peanuts
despite the cat
    - Nancy Brady

elephant with wings
imaginations soar high
while feeding baby
    - Neha R. Krishna

snowy day
the sweetness of summer
in my mum's marmalade
    - Nina Kovacic
      translated by Durda Vukelic Rozic

clever morning
one more verbal blow
from my Shakespearean Insults calendar
    - Olivier Schopfer

met someone new
and liked her much more
than I expected to
    - Phoebe Shalloway

the neighbor's garden Buddha
on our porch swing
    - Phyllis Lee

each time
I look at the clock —
two a.m.
    - Pris Campbell

my cold hands
warming them up
in your pocket
    - Rachel Sutcliffe

before dawn
coming to my senses
fear fades to white
    - Rob Sullivan

the scent of lilies stronger
than coffee
    - Rosa Clement

dark water
between the last chunks of ice
deep reflections
    - Ruth Yarrow

shuffled playlist
my least favorite song
plays first
    - Shloka Shankar

pool rescue
a struggling bee
lifted to a sunflower
    - Simon Hanson

winter fog —
a boat horn blows
from every direction
    - Stephen Page

my vulnerable students
laugh at my jokes —
the last class I will teach
    -Sue Crowley

flock of turkeys
scratching through the snow
to the leaves below
    - Susan Lang

winter doldrums
slipping past the screen door
the cat's cold nose
    - Theresa A. Cancro

the arterial road
clogged up again . . .
high blood pressure
    - Tim Gardiner

the icicle dagger
falls from the eaves
wild freedom
    - Tricia Knoll

winter moon
folding myself
into silence
    - Vibeke Laier

a thought—
the world is a magical place
it opens its arms to me
    - Yvonne Fisher

lunch with my sister's photograph
not as much fun
as a real visit
    - Zee Zahava

lifting up
a flock of rooks
    - Zuzanna Truchlewska