Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Moon Haiku

Welcome to the October issue of brass bell: a haiku journal. This month it is all about the moon.

You will find work here by more than 100 contributors, from Australia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Canada, Denmark, England, France, India, Italy, New Zealand, Oman, Poland, Romania, Scotland, and The United States.

sluice gates
a moon somehow
reaches downstream
- Ajaya Mahala

orange moon —
daughter takes the piece 
with cream
- Akila Gopalakrishan

the rhythm of rain
a toad sleeps deep
with her moon
- Alan Summers

moon puppeteer
pulling the string
of tides
- Amy Bartell

moon viewing 
i drink more sake . . .
still no poem
- Angelee Deodhar

cart with watermelons
up the hill —
the moon by a beanstalk
- Anisoara Iordache

new moon
I hide myself in
my own shadow
- Anna Goluba

flutter of the sail
the more perfect arc
of the moon
- Anna Mazurkiewicz

new moon . . .
once again the fireflies
at my patio window
- Archana Kapoor Nagpal

moonless night —
the sheer whiteness
of jasmine
- Arvinder Kaur

just-so moon
- ayaz daryl nielsen

waning moon —
the cricket's voice
a whisper
- Barbara Kaufmann

I read by the light
of a 20 watt moon
- Barbara Tate

tumbledown shack
moon beams
between roof beams
- Bill Waters

there is no language
animal  human  plant  rock
that moon does not speak
- Blue Waters

a lighthouse on rough seas    face of the moon
- Bozidar Skobic

oh moon
you followed me here
I am not lonely
- C. Robin Janning

high in the palm tree coconut moon
- Candi Cooper-Towler 

in each bead
dripping on grass stalks —
the moon
- Carl Seguiban

apple slice moon
stuck between dark and light
the night stands still
- Carole Johnston

harvest moon
the blemished fruit
of a wild apple tree
- Carolyn Coit Dancy

my chaotic life
the flawless moon
- Catherine Rigutto

supermoon . . .
I stretch my binoculars
from end to end
- Charishma Ramchandani

door slamming
my half-empty glass
holds the moon
- Chen-ou Liu

strawberry moon
I draw a heart
around your name
- Christine L. Villa

dreaming together —
holding hands
first steps on the moon
- Daniela Lacramioara Capota

a tumbleweed
carries it down the street
ghost town moon
- Darrell Lindsey

scooping up 
crescent moon
- Dave Read

rising out of
my gray doldrums
blue moon
- deanna tiefenthal

how close 
is close enough
perigee moon
- Debbie Strange

no moon tonight
the stars overjoyed
it's their show
- Deirdre Silverman

wolf moon
salting the slippery path
to your door
- Devin Harrison

the orange cat
my moonlight
- Gabrielle Vehar

day moon
white balloon
balancing the rising sun
- Gale Owen

half moon —
how comfortable you are
with my blind side
- Geethanjali Rajan

dolphins follow
the moon path
- Gergana Yaninska

rhythm drums
we dance under the glow
of a desert moon
- G.R. LeBlanc

ghee stain
on the mattress —
an indelible moon
- Helen Buckingham

ever so silently
wrapped in fog
October's moon
- Isabella Loverro

monsoon winds
clumps of bougainvillea
tickle the moon
- Jaayashree Maniyil

big bare tree on top of the hill . . .
the moon is trapped 
in its giant spider web
- Joan McNerney

violet moon
once a month
- Joann Grisetti

I roll a smoke and the moon's there
- Johannes S. H. Bjerg

a ring around the moon . . .
another argument
about nothing
- John Kinory

moon viewing  —
on moonshine
- John McDonald

moon . . .
will you clear
those branches?
- Julian O'Dea

swollen half moon . . .
thirty-eight weeks
and counting
- Julie Bloss Kelsey

window moon —
an imperfect circle
in a perfect square
- Kashinath Karmakar

still waiting
open mouth moon
first word
- Kath Abela Wilson

day bright moon
shines in my eyes
no sleep this night
- Kathleen Gale

I travel home late
the cats wait for their dinner
while the Blood Moon howls
- Kim Tedrow

beauty spot —
the moon on the forehead of
a shy evening
- Kumarendra Mallick

a pale moon
slipping behind the clouds
my lost love
- Lance R. Robertson

red traffic light
a jet plane
crosses the moon
- Lavana Kray

crescent moon
above our snow-shrouded neighborhood 
so many secrets
- Lee Strong

dark new moon
unseen presence
cool comfort
- Lee Wagner

Halloween moon
behind the mask
trick or treat
- Linda Keeler

silent night
the moon like a queen
reigns over a snowy field
- Luciana Vladimir

hide and seek moon
peeking behind clouds
I won't tell on you
- Margaret Dennis

fall colors ranging
from peach to wheat to cornsilk . . . 
the moon, too, grows ripe
- Margaret Fisher Squires

between sky and sea
only the mist —
winter moon
- Maria Tirenescu

raising his ouzo
papa toasts
two moons
- Mark Brager 

when you are hidden
I feel more vulnerable
coydogs lie in wait
- Maura Stephens

silver path
of a drowning moon
last breath
- Maureen Sudlow

my cat climbs out
moonlight serenades
the sphinx
- Max Babi

the only coin
in my pocket . . .
tramp's moon
- Maya Lyubenova

I read Goodnight Moon
to my daughter
now I read it to myself
- Moira Lang

eighteen years old
sharing moon haiku
discovering a new friend
- Nancy Osborn

new moon the mayflies' day is done
- Neal Whitman

snow moon …
finding my stillness
among pines 
- Pamela A. Babusci

in the swing
of a spider's web . . .
yesterday's moon
- Paresh Tiwari

starlight sticks to my toes . . .
honey moon
- Pat Geyer 

through the leaves
clinging to a maple tree
a lopsided moon
- Pat Prine

yawning moon
show me the way 
to my bed
- Paula Culver

dandelions —
now that explains
the moon
- Peggy Adams

at the window
half moon and some crumbs —
waiting guests
- Petruta Ionescu

sliver moon last night
from the bright streets I saw it
rise above dark trees
- Phoebe Shalloway

full moon
the woman veils
her scars
- Pravat Kumar Padhy

deep wine sky
silver orb floating
ah! the light
- Praveen Menon

above my head
bright silver moon
my gray hair
- Purushothama Rao Ravela

morning dew
a half moon on the toe
of my boot
- Rachel Sutcliffe

full moon beckons
black cats respond
two mysteries become one
- Rainbow Crow

full moon —
winter's stillness
in a soap bubble
- Ramesh Anand

in the cradle
of the clouds today:
newborn moon
- Ramesh Gowri Raghaven

painting a still life
in the moonlight
leaning flower
- Robert Kania

frosty night
a hazy moon seen
- Robert Poulin

moon breaks on 
rainbow hill
pregnant and orange
- Robert Sullivan

summer moon . . .
the rising note 
of katydid love songs
- Samar Ghose

one coyote
the entire mountain
howls moonlight
- Sandi Pray

crescent moon
fitting snugly
in the hammock
- Sanjukta Asopa

trouble comes
full moon
- Sara Robbins

across a steamed window
distorted moon
- Silvestru Miclaus

haiku —
a finger pointing 
at the moon
- Sondra J. Byrnes

what does the moon mean
to the mermaids
in their kelp beds?
- Stacey Murphy

half moon earring
- Sue Perlgut

autumn leaves
koi swim under
the moon bridge
- Theresa A. Cancro

venus and the moon
rise together before dawn
old friends catching up
- Tina Wright

stepping slowly on the path
of the moon
- Vessislava Savova

autumn moon
reflections tip a star
into the lake
- Vibeke Laier

travel moon
the bitter green
of a late autumn
- Victoria Fatu Nelatiu

sugar plum craving
tonight's moon
is sparkly
- Weiwei Luo

midnight bell —
miles apart we talk of
the full moon
- Yesha Shah

full moon
my love
the tide
- Yvonne Fisher

once there was a frog
who fell in love with the moon —
I am that frog
- Zee Zahava

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