Saturday, March 22, 2014


Welcome to brass bell: a haiku journal.

I'm collecting haiku for the April (premier) issue of this online publication.

Each monthly issue will be devoted to a different theme. April's theme is rain.

This is an invitation to submit as many poems as you wish, by 5 p.m. on Monday March 31. I will choose what I like best. 

Paste your haiku in the body of an email (no attachments) and send to:

Be sure to include your name exactly as you wish it to appear.

It's fine to send previously published poems.

Note: I prefer haiku that is 17 syllables or fewer; I am not  attached to the 5/7/5 format but if you are, that's okay.

Please share this invitation with others if you think they might be interested ... I would love to receive rain haiku from people I don't yet know.


If you are not already familiar with haiku I suggest you read any haiku collection or journal, in print or online, and visit this wonderful site (be sure to go back into the archives, too):