Friday, September 1, 2017

water haiku

Welcome to the September 2017 issue of brass bell: a haiku journal

This month's theme is: Water

Poems have been received from Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Croatia, Denmark, Ecuador, England, Ghana, India, Ireland, Italy, Nigeria, Poland, Singapore, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and the United States

floating leaf
a baby toad rides
the ripples
    - Adjei Agyei-Baah

white curtain
on a mountain wall —
    - Adjei Agyei-Baah

an indecisive bike
rain clouds
    - Adrian Bouter

spring rain
a halo of frizz
on baby's head
    - Agnes Eva Savich

rows of whitecaps
salty air warps
my notebook
    - Agnes Eva Savich

flowing water
each rock
changes it
    - Agnes Eva Savich

lena horne
singing stormy weather
my banging shutter
    - ai li

the magician in an ice machine
    - ai li

the kettle
screams without water
we both look down
    - Alan Bern

writing in the rain
sheltered by a leafy tree —
still the words run off
    - Alan Bern

night train
each window carries
its own little rain
    - Alan Summers

watering tulips
I track the canals
of Mars
    - Alan Summers

taking the blues
out of a goodbye
winter river
    - Alan Summers

river beach —
elongated crane's shadow
inspires this haiku
    - Amauri Solon Ribeiro

riverside walk
my thoughts struggle
to break the surface
    - Andy McLellan

thin rain —
the duck's wings
so heavy
    - Angela Giordano

birdbath —
mynahs wait patiently
for the crow to leave
    - Angelee Deodhar

spring rain
moving in slow motion
the snail's silence
    - Anna Cates

election year
the same pothole
filled with rain
    - Anna Cates

with the stream
leaf boat race
    - Anne Elise Burgevin

her late start
on weekday wash
summer solstice
    - Anne Elise Burgevin

a child
a spoonful of rice
hot broth
    - Antonio Mangiameli 

a fish asleep in its
shadow world
    - Barbara Tate

blue moon
rising tide floats
the beach chairs
    - Barbara Tate

summer pond
swimming in sunshine
    - Barbara Tate

melting snowman
to the sun
    - Bill Waters

the parking lot
just wet enough
to smell of rain
    - Bill Waters

edge of a puddle
watching its reflection
blue-tailed lizard
    - C. Robin Janning

tears warmer than rain . . . missing my mother
    - C. Robin Janning

heat wave
my birdbath is the centre
of social life
    - Carol Dilworth

summer storm
hammering down
tent pegs
    - Caroline Skanne

foggy river
the discrepancies
in your story
    - Caroline Skanne

rain on my cheek her umbrella poem lingers
    - Caroline Skanne

I toss all night
to the sound of rain
    - Celestine Nudanu

fighting tears
at my graduation
memories of my mother
    - Celestine Nudanu

where the small fairies
throw the river light
    - Christina Martin

worn stone steps
dawn knocking on the sides
old row boat
    - Christina Martin

torrential rain
washing away
    - Christina Sng

long journey
across the bridge
    - Christina Sng

July in Vail
rafting the Colorado
    - Claire Vogel Camargo

green fields flooded the train passing a station without stopping
    - Danny Blackwell

autumn rain
a crunch of snails cling
to fallen leaves
    - David He

twilight —
the lake shares its color
with a dragonfly
    - David He

belly flop
no way to disguise it
new swimming trunks
    - David J Kelly

bleached coral
a clownfish nobody
laughs at
    - David J Kelly

dried water fountain
how long since
we have spoken
    - Debbi Antebi

all his letters —
steady drizzle
    - Debbi Antebi

waterfall mist
the words at the tip
of my tongue
    - Debbi Antebi

glazed pond
a beaver's tail breaks
the hush
    - Debbie Strange

in your arms
the sea
    - Debbie Strange

a fever of migrating stingrays summer graces
    - Debbie Strange

that call I wish
I didn't answer
    - Deborah P Kolodji

blue heron —
an invitation
to dally by the estuary
    - Devin Harrison

in the harbor
a squabble of gulls
    - Devin Harrison

a swallowtail butterfly
sips on a rose — midnight —
the moon is drowning
    - Diane Frank

summer rain
drums on our metal roof
buttered popcorn
    - Dottie Piet

late night shift
men sandbag the river banks
by moonlight
    - Dottie Piet

solar eclipse
a mosquito dives
into a water glass
    - Elisa Allo

glowing fireflies
down by the lakeside
a pile of clothes
    - Elizabeth Alford

beach party
the ebb and flow
of laughter
    - Elizabeth Alford

leaning ladder
a bucket of water
collects the sky
    - Elizabeth Alford

fierce drought —
a brief dream of
abundant water
    - Emmanuel Jessie Kalusian

my mother waiting for me
on the other side
    - Eufemia Griffo

waves rush toward the shore
like children running
toward their parents
    - Frank Robinson

the pile of whites
returned to the pile of colors
rainy day
    - Glenn Ingersoll
after the swim
sound of water
stuck in my ear
    - Glenn Ingersoll

on rain
    - Helen Buckingham

backstrokin' last day at the pool
    - Jill Lange

early winter storm —
the silver ring
slips from her finger
    - Jill Lange

drawing from the well . . .
a mooon jiggles
in my pail
    - Jo Balistreri

against the pier —
his angry words
    - Jo Balistreri

bumping my toe
along the wrack line —
yellow sea glass
    - Jo Balistreri

behind our house
a small stream
captures the full moon
    - Joan Leotta

dad hoses down the backyard —
my skating rink
    - Joan Leotta

stopping to see the shape of a snowflake
    - Joan McNerney

the two-year-old
waters faded flowers . . .
    - Joanna M. Weston

pulling radishes
in the rain —
a fat worm
    - Joanna M. Weston

November rain
a broken umbrella
holds a puddle
    - John Hawkhead

rain on the roof
through deep sleep
the dog's legs canter
    - John Hawkhead

after the rain —
partly cloudy
with scattered frogs
    - Julie Bloss Kelsey

breakdown —
the tow truck follows
my tears
    - Julie Bloss Kelsey

she brews the tea
london fog
    - kjmunro

fish out of water
the strong swimmer steps back
from the ledge
    - kjmunro

moving inland
it was the electric waterfall
that saved me
    - Kath Abela Wilson

Santa Fe River
my first ginko walk
melts the ice
    - Kath Abela Wilson

forehead smudges
my girlhood question
about face washing
    - Kath Abela Wilson

at the moment when
a wet breeze enters the porch
my hand smears the page
    - Katya Sabaroff Taylor

his ship
docking in a puddle —
paper boat
    - Kwaku Feni Adow

another single raindrop
merges into the vast ocean
my father's passing
    - Lance Robertson

on her water glass
the crescent
of her lip print
    - Laughing waters

under a daffodil beside the stream bank a frog sits meditating
    - Lisa Holmes

strolling by the pond a chorus of peepers then a hundred silent ripples
    - Lisa Holmes

garden irrigation —
the red fox tail waves
among the radishes
    - Lucia Cardillo

strong sirocco
a path from the sea
to the clouds
    - Lucia Fontana

rain puddle
the slurp of the stray dog
quenching his thirst
    - Madhuri Pillai

first time
he held me tight —
Niagra Falls
    - Maria Laura Valente

incoming tide —
from afar, the pain
creeps closer
    - Marianne Paul

open water —
a white moth outpaces
my kayak
    - Marianne Paul

humming the same tune the waterwheel and i
    - Marietta Jane McGregor

frozen waterfall
how heavy
her ashes
    - Marietta Jane McGregor

so much to reveal
where shadows fall
koi pond
    - Marietta Jane McGregor

autumn the many colors of rain
    - Mark E. Brager

damselfly this rain puddle your universe
    - Mark E. Brager

fever dreams . . .
the water glass brimming
with moonlight
    - Mark E. Brager

salted wind
all the plastics the tide
gives us back
    - Mark Miller

after rain
crows in the eucalypts
black rags hung out to dry
    - Mark Miller

far away
the rumble of an old lion
morning storm
    - Marta Chocilowska

stone by the river
the flash of rainbow trout
in my hands
    - Marta Chocilowska

skinny dipping
we swim among
the stars
    - Martha Magenta

a killer storm
hammers the town —
umbrella skeletons
    - Martha Magenta

flooded softball field
another rainout —
team goes out for pizza
    - Marty Blue Waters

my elemental name . . .
pure water provides life
in every drop
    - Marty Blue Waters

her waters broken the beginning of the beginning
    - Mary Kendall

what was hidden now emerges water lilies
    - Mary Kendall

near the cattails —
two white egrets
lost in reflection
    - Mary Kendall

through the autumn woods
laughing and chasing its tail
trout stream
    - Michael Flanagan

drought again
magpies find
the leaky hose
    - Michael G. Smith

the creek
isn't shy
    - Michael G. Smith

overhead clouds leak
grey skies grey mountains grey road
grey wet everything
    - Mimi Foyle

on this clear deep pool
i float like a water bug
released from all thought
    - Mimi Foyle

I cup my hand
the water cups me —
a mountain spring
    - Nicholas Klacsanzky

hiking break
my sweat drops
into a stream
    - Nicholas Klacsanzky

a beaver marsh
thoughts slip away
one by one
    - Nicholas Klacsanzky

deserted garden
from the water pump
seeps a cobweb
    - Nina Kovacic (translation by Durda Vukelic Rozic)

burning incense
for departed souls . . .
evening rain
    - pamela a. babusci

clear waterfall —
not tossing
the coin
    - pamela a. babusci

among the white
one pink water lily
fills the pond
    - pamela a. babusci

high tide
my mermaid
returns to the sea
    - Pat Davis

ice fishing
how long it takes
to fool a fish
    - Pat Davis

back to school
the bright yellow shine
of raincoats
    - Phyllis Lee

late for work
stepping in the shower
a centipede
    - Phyllis Lee

old white barn
in the pond's reflection
needs paint
    - Phyllis Lee

mountain lake
my cousin and I turn blue
eyeing the lifeguard
    - Pris Campbell

my cat curls next to my legs
and sleeps again
    - Pris Campbell

cliff edge
so close I can taste
the crashing waves
    - Rachel Sutcliffe

breaking waves
I bite
my tongue
    - Rachel Sutcliffe

pouring rain
my spirits
drowning too
    - Rachel Sutcliffe

spring rains
the willow builds
a new river
    - Reagan Brubaker

click of my pen
rain taps at the window
tries to break in
    - Ron Scully

summer sea
the smell of tanning lotion
    - Rosa Clement

water fountain
she pays a penny
for a wish
    - Rosa Clement

over the calm lake
circle three cormorants
and their reflections
    - Scott Wiggerman

that point at the lake
where you don't see birds
last night's argument
    - Scott Wiggerman

up close
tiny rivers
in the veins of a leaf
    - Simon Hanson

after the rain —
a woodpecker on sand
spearing ants as they rise
    - Stephen Page

where the stream
meets the river
the trout deciding
    - Stephen Page

under the waterfall
the same drip
    - Theresa A. Cancro

morning surf —
waves turn
into dolphins
    - Theresa A. Cancro

gentle eddy —
sleeping otters
hold hands
    - Theresa A. Cancro

bubble bath
we try out
new hairdos
    - Tia Haynes

divorce papers
my hair
still wet
    - Tia Haynes

last wishes
he waters
a dead amaryllis
    - Tia Haynes

ah . . .
hot water
meets the teabag
    - Tiffany Shaw-Diaz

cozy bath
my ally
in healing
    - Tiffany Shaw-Diaz

to be the river
filled with light
    - Tiffany Shaw-Diaz

runner beans and water
a child's pretend stew
red blooms in July heat
    - Tricia Knoll

light snow falling on the plastic snowman
    - Valentina Ranaldi-Adams

drum solo . . .
jellyfish pulsing
in the aquarium
    - Valentina Ranaldi-Adams

windy rain paper boat setting sail
    - Vibeke Laier

summer rain i share a blanket with the cat
    - Vibeke Laier

sound of water long before i see you white butterfly
    - Vibeke Laier

after a hard rain
with my child-self
    - Zee Zahava

that time a wave
pulled off her bathing suit —
or so she says
    - Zee Zahava

autumn drizzle
in a dirty puddle
my son's smile
    - Zuzanna Truchlewska


  1. Wonderful and incredible Headlines!

    Direct from the Haiku Front, mentioned in despatches, a homage to the Brass Bell poets!

    Highlighting the mysteries that get caught up in haiku this is just a fond and fun way of showing just how amazing each haiku is, as we delve into aspects of each poem as if it’s a headline.

  2. Incredible Headlines 1

    A baby toad is riding the ripples like an indecisive bike with a halo of frizz and rows of whitecaps. There’s a banging shutter, and a magician in an ice machine as a kettle screams creating crane shadows.

    Thoughts struggle along a river as thin rain makes a duck's wings heavy with the patience of birds, and a snail's silence.

    The leaf boat race makes a child out of a spoonful of rice
    while fish sleep in a shadow world melting snowmen
    bowing to the sun.

    Tears are warmer than rain, with a birdbath the centre of social life, while an umbrella poem lingers.

    There are tears fighting each other and small fairies throw river light, and a hummingbird makes a long journey across a bridge. Snowmelt is rafting the Colorado river overtaking a train that doesn’t stop as a lake shares its color with a dragonfly.

    There’s a clownfish that nobody laughs at, and letters being shredded over a steady drizzle, each word on the tip of its tongue. A beaver's tail breaks the hush with starfish in our arms, while a fever of migrating stingrays kick off Summer.
    Someone wishes they hadn’t answered that call on a busy day as a squabble of gulls are brawling, and a moon is drowning.

    1. Incredible Headlines 2

      Buttered popcorn drums on a metal roof along with the rain while men sandbag river banks by moonlight. And a mosquito dives into a water glass where a pile of clothes lie down by the lakeside with a bucket of water collecting the sky.

      There’s a brief dream of water waiting on the other side like children running toward their parents. Certain things return to a pile of colors as Sunday rains on its own parade, and a silver ring slips from a finger, with angry words held against a pier. While behind a house the shape of a snowflake pulls radishes, and a broken umbrella holds its puddle.

      It’s now partly cloudy with scattered frogs while a tow truck follows a woman’s tears. There’s tea being brewed as dark and deep as London fog, and a fish out of water moves inland with a girlhood question.

      At the moment a hand smears the page because a ship
      is docking in a puddle. Sadly someone suffers the loss of their father as raindrops merge into the ocean.

      There’s a crescent of a lip print under a daffodil strolling by the pond. The red fox waves among more radishes during a strong sirocco making its path to the clouds. The slurp of a stray dog quenches someone’s thirst while he holds a woman tight at Niagra Falls. The pain creeps closer and a white moth outpaces a kayak humming the same tune revealing where shadows fall.

    2. Incredible Headlines 3

      The universe is remade as a damselfly in the many colors of rain and even more plastic comes back to us in the tide. Crows hang out black rags to dry along with the rumble of an old lion and flash of rainbow trout. Stars are skinny dipping umbrella skeletons and elemental names. There’s the beginning of the beginning of life as waters break with egrets lost in reflection.

      An autumn wood chases its tail, and magpies find a water hose, as overhead clouds leak. There’s grey wet everything with water cupping people by a mountain spring, and thoughts slip away by the beaver marsh.

      A deserted garden seeps along a cobweb for departed souls as one pink water lily fills the pond. And someone kindly returns the mermaid to the sea, ice fishing all the way back to school along the shine of raincoats and centipedes.

      There’s a pond's reflection that needs paint and people turn blue during thunderclaps curlling cats. At the cliff edge someone is tasting waves and biting their tongue as it pours rain. A tree builds a river, at the click of a pen, trying to break in the smell of tanning lotion.

      A penny is paid for a wish circling three cormorants and last night's argument. Up close it’s the veins of a leaf that are spearing ants as they rise. As waves turn into dolphins sleeping otters hold hands.

      We try out new hairdos and divorce papers and an ally is made in a daydream. The child makes a pretend stew in July heat for the plastic snowman pulsing in an aquarium setting sail. In the summer rain a blanket is shared with a cat, and perhaps a white butterfly, and there’s puddle-jumping pulling off a bathing suit, or so she says, with a son's smile.

      Please return to the haiku and resume reading them as wonderful pockets of life that are constantly around us on a daily basis.

      Alan Summers

  3. There are always voices I feel I know well. Thanks!


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