Tuesday, September 1, 2015

September Issue: One-Line Haiku

Welcome to the September, 2015 issue of brass bell: a haiku journal. This month each poem is just one line in length. As you will see, there is great beauty and depth in this deceptively simple form.

You will find work here by 63 contributors, from  Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Denmark, England, France, Ghana, India, New Zealand, Nigeria, Philippines, Poland, Romania, and The United States. 

dry savanna the dotted castles of anthills
   - Adjei Agyei-Baah

sick of reflections the full moon transforms into something else
   - Alan Catlin

small-hours-train the pink suitcase of moon shadows
   - Alan Summers

night sky my smartphone's blank screen
   - Ana Drobot

a pot of tea my small brother brewing plans
   - Anne Curran

in between the thunderclaps the clink of mother's bangles
   - Archana Kapoor Nagpal

small things their own story worn trowel
   - ayaz daryl nielsen

crossing the footbridge no fish no ducks
   - b brazill

equinox the yin and yang of my mood
   - Barbara Kaufmann

summer silence grapes to raisins plums to prunes
   - Barbara Tate

ironing clothes outside a falling star
   - Billy Antonio

last game of the season finally tossing the perfect pitch
   - Blue Waters

a ball stopped on the boundary line no players
   - Božidar Škobić - Čika Boško

vines climbing out of their space into mine
   - C. Robin Janning

almost full moon what am i waiting for
   - Caroline Skanne

writing haiku in the study's corner a spider spins
   - Chen-ou Liu

many voices none are his mockingbird
   - Christine Rose Sansone

allowing myself to cry cloudburst
   - Christine L. Villa

at the end of his leash my fear of dogs
   - Dave Read

folding unfolding the origami of monarch butterflies
   - Debbie Strange

less birdsong now at dawn coyotes howl in the night
   - Deirdre Silverman

coaxing my modesty over the edge hot tub
   - Devin Harrison

a riverbird it sings i listen
   - Emmanuel Kalusian

the child's hand placed over mine we crack the egg
   - Ferris Gilli

intense as an artist she tattoos me for radiation
   - Frank Judge

sunday with sauce love
   - Grace Celeste

the tension around my tension tension
   - Helen Buckingham

whenever I forget myself I remember what matters
   - Jack Goldman

heat wave do lilacs dream of rain
   - Joan Corr

amazing how many stars fit inside my windowpane
   - Joan McNerney

night on the mountain one thousand wishes
   - Joann Grisetti

newsboy cast in bronze still delivering
   - Joanna M. Weston

morning glory between then and then
   - Kath Abela Wilson

reading a poem in her eyes
   - Kumarendra Mallick

after rain the moon stashed away in clay pots
   - Lavana Kray

   -Lech Szeglowski

autumn rain the old clock stopped again
   - Magdalena Banaszkiewicz

the year i was born the howl of wolves and poets
   - Marianne Paul

falling into your arms again western wind
   - Mark E. Brager

quiet splash just by our boat Perseids night
   - Marta Chocilowska

forgetting to call my mother who won’t remember
   - Miriam Sagan

love so many hearts on the napkin
   - Nadezhda Stanilova

red morning sky fiery forecast i take my hat
   -Nancy Gabriel

autumn mist the gardener scrapes the last clouds
   - Nicole Pottier

a crow between the shadow and the sun
   - Paresh Tiwari

in the dunes awaiting the full moon
   - Pat Floyd

painting a river i drop in a waterfall  
   - Pat Geyer

rain kiss lasting into the dark
   - Petruta Ionescu

falling kite early sunset
   - Pravat Kumar Padhy

run down estate the weeds in flower
   - Rachel Sutcliffe

start with inhale end exhaling life between
   - Rob Sullivan

sun warming a boulder as if it knew the lizard
   - Robert Henry Poulin

after each piano note the meow of a cat
   - Rosa Clement

blending colors the blackbird's song
   - Shloka Shankar

our conversation drifts cottonwood fluff
   - Sondra J. Byrnes

on our backs in the driveway shooting stars
   - Susan Lang

shar-pei's folds under the hem of her dress
   - Theresa Cancro

years of separation stone circle
   - Tim Gardiner

laughing fat country morning corn pancakes
   - Tina Wright

school bus a child with her first painted yellow sun
   - Vibeke Laier

handkerchief waving in the wind no word for goodbye
   - Virginia Popescu

oh sunflowers a whole field looking up
   - Yvonne Fisher

meditation teacher talks talks talks talks talks about silence
   - Zee Zahava